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Companies from the private, commercial, and communal sectors trust in the quality of our products and services each and every day. Cost-effective, professional, meticulous, and environmentally friendly.


Our industrial products and services:

  • Industrial and factory cleaning

  • Installation and machine cleaning

  • Technical cleaning with dry ice and high-pressure water jets

  • Construction works for steel structures

  • Construction works for production facilities

  • Soil decontamination activities

  • Marking activities

  • Furnace and smokestack cleaning

  • Pipework

  • Commissioning

  • Servicing tasks

  • Metalworking and welding tasks

  • Tank and receptacle cleaning

  • Fluid management

  • Security inspections in accordance with DGUVV (German Social Accident Insurance regulations)

  • Training courses for industrial trucks

  • Training courses for work platforms of all types

  • Provision of qualified employees

Industrial services – individually tailored for your company!

Thanks to our network and experience, we have an edge over the competition that our clients can benefit from at any time. One additional strength is our flexibility as well as short decision-making paths thanks to flat hierarchies. We are the partner that integrates into your company processes without disrupting them. By doing so, we are able to optimise operational workflows and, for example, fully take over the cleaning of the factory or in-house logistics for you without negatively impacting production workflows. Furthermore, we also provide you with qualified employees to compensate for temporary staff shortages.