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Building services maintain the value of your property over the long term. At the same time, they also preserve the reputation of your company among your clients and suppliers. An unchanging symbol of your stability, this also increases the trust clients have in you. It reflects your interest in persistence and sustainability for the future.


Our building services:

  • Maintenance cleaning

  • Glass cleaning

  • Facade cleaning

  • Cleaning during and after construction works

  • Maintenance of outdoor installations

  • Custodian services

  • Cleaning of means of transport

  • Removal of graffiti

  • Rectification of fire and water damage

  • Winter services

Certified quality management

We pursue one quality ideal. According to international standards and European specifications. The safety of the equipment and its workflows are subject to continuous inspections for our business partners and our companies. We are constantly striving to improve for you and us in order to ensure constant quality for all partners at all times.

Personal commitment

Through our personal commitment, we guarantee you quality and commitment across all levels. This creates trust in order to build a fair, long-term collaboration, and to continuously improve on and consolidate it.

Documented safety:

Quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

We assume responsibility, and through our services ensure the productivity of your company without disrupting your internal workflows. Flexibly, transparently, securely, and in a resource-saving manner.